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Custom Blinds

Custom Blinds - Filter What’s Outside and Increase Style Inside

You might love the sun entering from the window on a cold winter day, but would like to keep it at bay when the temperatures are much higher, custom blinds from Blindstyle will not only help you keep what is outside out, but will also enhance your inside style. Functional, practical and stylish, roman blinds and roller blinds in Melbourne fit in your window unobtrusively, can be easily rolled up when not needed, and still provide you with the same level privacy as curtains.

At Blindstyle there are more custom blind types than you can imagine, either add a splash of color or brighten your room with explosive patterns, our blinds give you the wonderful chance to be your own home interior designer combining style with practicality. When it is about redefining spaces, consider our range of panel blinds, ideal as fabric doors, but can also work great if considered to cover wardrobes and sets of shelves.

Besides indoors, we do have beautiful custom blinds for your outdoors, an excellent solution to convert your open space into your private and personal space where you can spend time leisurely, simply doing nothing. Have our fully adjustable café blinds, pull them back, or leave them just like that to make sure only the right amount of sun enters your area.

Used as a windows or door dresser our plantation shutters in all there splendor are sure to take your breath away. Apart from adding to the aesthetics of the room, they are sure to give you the privacy you desire. When added our custom blinds especially the plantation ones, will not only match your homes contemporary or traditional styles but will also increase its resale value.

Stunning range of custom blinds awaits you at Blindstyle, check our range of stylish, decorative and easy to install blinds and shutters and ensure for yourself. We are just a click away.